Sulking Ronaldo a solitary figure after being benched

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Sulking Ronaldo a solitary figure after being benched Cristiano Ronaldo

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DOHA. — Cristiano Ronaldo left his team-mates celebrating on the pitch as he walked down the tunnel at the end of Portugal’s emphatic win over Switzerland at the FIFA World Cup on Tuesday night.

Portugal won 6-1 in the last-16 clash to set up a quarter-final tie with Morocco.

Ronaldo was dropped by manager Fernando Santos after throwing a strop following his substitution against South Korea.

Santos was not happy with his captain’s behaviour and left him on the bench, instead handing a first ever international start to Goncalo Ramos.

The switch paid off as Goncalo Ramos scored a hat-trick as Ronaldo watched on from the dugout.

The superstar was brought on with 17 minutes left with his side already 5-1 up.

He managed to put the ball in the back of the net, but he was yards off-side and the goal was disallowed.

But he did not stay on the pitch for long after full-time and was the first Portugal player down the tunnel.

Ronaldo did applaud Portugal fans quickly before heading to the dressing room, while his team-mates stayed on the pitch to soak up the adoration.

Ronaldo breezed through the post-match interview area with a huge grin on his face, only responding to one question: Was he happy?

“Of course, of course,” the superstar grinned. “Portugal won.”


Santos expressed frustration with his 37-year-old star the day before he dropped Ronaldo from the starting lineup.

Santos said the decision was tactical and not disciplinary, but he’d acknowledged on Monday he was bothered by Ronaldo’s poor attitude after he pulled him late in a 2-1 loss to South Korea in the final game of group play.

After the game on Tuesday night, Santos denied he dropped Ronaldo because he had an issue with the former Manchester United star.

Santos said: “Cristiano and Ramos are different players. “There is no problem with the captain of the  team.

“I have known Cristiano since he was 19. We have a strong relationship.

“Ronaldo and I never confuse the human and personal aspect with being manager and player.

“Cristiano set the example of a captain.”

Ramos was asked about the atmosphere in the dressing room after Santos’ big call and whether Ronaldo had said anything to him. The young striker replied: “Honestly, in our team, no-one talked about it.

“Cristiano, as our captain, did what he always does.

”He helped us, he encouraged us, not only me but also my team-mates.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think of being part of the starting 11 in the knockout stages.

“Cristiano Ronaldo was one of my role models, along with Lewandowski and Ibrahimovic.

“He’s a captain, the leader, and we always look forward to playing side by side with him.” Portugal midfielder Otavio added: “We are 26 players. Everyone’s important and it was no surprise  Goncalo  did the job.

“But we know what Cristiano’s value is — he’s a star, the best in the world. He also helped us from the bench.” — The Sun.

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