Sugar daddy thrown behind bars

Sugar daddy thrown behind bars

jailLovemore Meya Court CorrespondentjailA 44-year-old divorcee in Chitungwiza who fell in love with a 15-year-old girl and impregnated her was last Friday slapped with an effective three-year jail term because the girl was under the age of consent. The girl is now five months pregnant.

Brian Manyimo of 2624 Unit B intercepted the Form 3 girl in January this year when she was coming from school and proposed love to her, but she did not give him the response.

He persisted with his demands and the girl yielded. Manyimo then asked her to visit him at his house. The girl passed through his house from school the following day and entered his bedroom where she sat on the chair, while Manyimo was on the bed.

The court heard that they had unprotected sex with the girls’ agreement. The girl would continue visiting Manyimo for sex and their relationship came to light when she visited her aunt in Mutare in August who discovered that she was pregnant.

The aunt alerted the girl’s mother who escorted the girl to the police to report the matter. Appearing before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Lazarus Murendo, Manyimo pleaded guilty to charges of sleeping with a young person.

He was slapped with a four-year jail term with a year suspended for five years. His lawyer Mr Nyasha Jonasi of Kachere Legal Practitioners had prayed with the courts to be lenient with Manyimo as he was a first offender.

Mr Murendo likened Manyimo’s behaviour to that of a vulture and said that the huge age difference was an aggravating factor. “The accused (Manyimo)’s behaviour is equated to a vulture who preyed on a young girl for his lust and to quench his sexual desires on her,” he said.

“You should have been the father to the girl, as you yourself have a daughter aged 9, but you salivated and ravished her.” Mr Norman Koropi prosecuted.

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