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Success served with a platter of failures tastes better

08 Dec, 2018 - 00:12 0 Views

The Herald

Chad Chawanda
Success and failure go hand in hand.

Failure is an integral part of success, it complements and completes success. Just as coffee and sugar are complementary to each other and sugar increases the sweetness of coffee, making it more enjoyable. In the same way, failure enhances the taste of success.

Zimbabweans should consider this difficult time as a path to success. It is only when you face hardships that you realise the value of good days and enjoy them more. Let us consider that we are facing failures today for a better and successful tomorrow.

Failure is neither an end of a journey nor an indication of permanence, it is a motivation to try harder next time. It brings us a step closer to success. Success is achieved when we pursue it with determination, persistence, effort and adequate preparation.

A good heart will always find success. A good heart not only climbs the ladder of success but also grabs other hands and pulls them up. Zimbabwe requires more of these good hearts to head towards the success train.

One’s personal, professional and social life largely impacts and influences their success or failure. One achieves success, when they believe that it will definitely happen, and repeatedly play the moment of success in their minds. Zimbabweans need to have the same perspective towards success, to live in a positive space creating a boundary through which negativity cannot seep in.

What we should always keep in mind is that everyone fails at some point in their life, but we should keep moving forward and try harder. It is well said that failure is not the opposite of success but a part of it.

So, my message to the youth of the country is; make mistakes, learn from the experiences and failures and stand up each time you fall. If life is giving you lemons, make more than just lemonade.

What is success without failure?

Is it even an achievement?

For only when you fall, you learn to stand. It is worth the hard time spent.

What is there to lose, if you haven’t gained anything.

It’s for you to choose, to be common or a king.

It is through my failures, I learnt to be strong.

To bear the severe, and say, “Game On.”

I married my commitments, to lead a content life.

I fought until the end, and ensured to survive.

So, face what you fear, and learn how to dare. Overcome your obstacles, don’t wait for a miracle.

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