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Stunner, Mudiwa clash

09 Jun, 2015 - 00:06 0 Views
Stunner, Mudiwa clash Stunner

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Entertainment Reporter—

Musicians Stunner and Mudiwa Hood are set to release similar songs courtesy of working with the same producer. The beat, which is being produced by Craig-Bone – real name Zvikomborero Tsiga – is already in both camps with both musicians confirming the development. The two artistes are also sharing a song title.

Mudiwa said his song is entitled “Vegodo Vandikoniwa” while Stunner (real name Desmond Chideme) confirmed that his new song is called “Vandikonewa”.

Both songs were produced by Craig-Bone.

Asked for comment, Craig Bone, who also happens to be Mudiwa’s producer, denied the allegations.

“Yes, I am Craig Bone but I don’t know what you are talking about. This is news to me,” he said.

Some fans have maintained that there is a beef between the two musicians following an apparent social media competition whereby each one was claiming to be the top fashion icon. Neither ever directly referred to the other in their Facebook posts.

In a separate interview with the two artistes, both were shocked about the news but adopted a professional stance saying this is music not war.

“I don’t think Craig knows what is happening here. I have already started mastering on my song entitled ‘Vandikonewa’. It’s not a joke (wangu). Craig is doing the chorus on my song. I just spoke to Mudiwa, this is business. We have same chorus, same beat but there is no beef like some might try to state it,” said Stunner, who is still in the US for his tour.

The “Team Hombe” hitmaker said he will be back on June 20.

“I am coming back in the next two weeks and I am scheduled to perform at the Sanganai Hlanganani Travel Expo. I am not sure with my management but I will be happy to sample the song at the event,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mudiwa also said Craig is doing the chorus for his track.

“What I know is my new song will feature Craig on the chorus. If Stunner is doing the song then it’s cool with me, all the best to him too. I can confirm that Craig has made the beat already. No war this is music. I am releasing my song next week and fans can look forward to it,” he said.

He said his song is dedicated to enemies and haters.

“I have been fought left, right and centre but God has been faithfull to me as He always guides me. I can say the song will give people who have a same situation as mine, hope and light on where we are going and coming from,” he said.

If the producer has indeed given the same beat to two different artistes this would not be the first time in Zimbabwe. Previously as an upcoming musician Mathias Mhere was labelled a Blessing Shumba copycat after working with a producer who arranged his music to sound exactly like that of the then more popular gospel singer.

Tryson Bande also released an album which earned him the sobriquet “Charles Charamba copycat”.

Perhaps it is time that serious musicians look beyond penning lyrics into actual musical composition if they are to avoid falling prey to lazy producers who prefer to stick to a proven formula instead of creating unique styles to match the different artistes they work with.

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