Stunner appoints new manager

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Stunner appoints new manager Stunner

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Arts Reporter
Former Seh Calaz’s manager Godfrey Bakasa, affectionately known as Vokal, is now the new manager for Desmond Chideme aka Stunner. Stunner and former manager Dzikamayi Chibaya parted ways a few months ago as the former is now focusing more on his academic career. Vokal made a name during his tenure as Calaz manager and was nominated twice for manager of the year accolade at the Zimdancehall awards in 2015 and 2016.

He is also working as a business advisor for TDS Vibes International a promotional company. In an interview, Vokal expressed his joy and said the latest developments will help him grow.

“I have signed a two-year contract with my new artiste Stunner. Part of the contract includes guiding and advising the artiste. My first task is to work with him on the upcoming 16-track album entitled, ‘If I die Tonight’. I am very excited because Stunner is one artiste I adored. He is talented and with him we can conquer the world,” he said.

Asked how he feels working about the new ‘hip-hop’ genre since he was known best in the dancehall field, Vokal said music is universal. “It is just like how you feel when you have another baby of different sex, it is just the same with music. It is universal. I am excited because its a challenge and new ball game altogether. Working with one of the biggest artistes in that genre motivates me most. I know I had made Zimdancehall my home and it is the same genre that put me where I am today and I will not forsake it, but sometimes we have to let go and grow. I am an artist manager so I must be able to take up any arts challenge,” he said.

Tazzoita Cash Records kingpin Stunner confirmed the new move and said was happy about it.

“Oh yes, the team has decided to make him the new manager. He has so much potential and we have seen some of his past work. We decided let’s give it a try. I think it’s been about three years without releasing an album. I am so excited about the new album I am working on and I want everything to go according to plan and order with new management. It’s one of my best albums, I can say,” he said.

He said the album launch is on August 19 and will feature some of the prominent musicians both local and international.

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