Students launch designer label

Students launch designer label Students donning the Junk Bodo label
Students donning the Junk Bodo label

Students donning the Junk Bodo label

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Six Zimbabwean students who are studying in different universities overseas have launched a clothing design label called “Junk Bodo.”

The label, a brain child of Andrew Takura, a Zimbabwean student studying in Cyprus who later came together with five other students, was inspired by Facebook, a trending social network used by many people around the world.

The label was inspired by the group’s discussions on the social network, where they would end their conversations with the hashtag #JunkBodo.

With time, the discussions resulted in the formation of a fashion label, which they later named after the hashtag.

The design was first released in Cyprus in 2015 and received a lot of support from Zimbabwean students in that country, which prompted the young designers to bring it back home.

They came together as close friends and started working on designing and marketing strategies locally.

When Takura came back for the holidays he joined hands with Munyaradzi Dure who is part of the group, to develop more designs.

The marketing manager for the label Tinashe Karikoga said they were hoping to go a long way as a company.

“We are young and talented individuals and we want to spread our wings even to other nations,” Karikoga said.

As part of the marketing strategy, they have also recorded some music to help them raise the profile of their designer label.

“Our goal is to make sure the label reaches all the people especially the youths. That’s why we are using our own music as a tool to market our work,” Karikoga said.

The “Junk Bodo” label is currently being financed by the students themselves from their pocket money. They invest whatever they get into the business to help it grow.

Despite their busy school timetables, they take time to meet and discuss their future prospects. They hope that after completing their studies they will focus more on product development to expand their operations.

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