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Student launches beauty products line

08 Aug, 2018 - 00:08 0 Views
Student launches beauty products line Zodwa and Precious Mtunzi

The Herald

Ruth Butaumocho Arts Correspondent

A 22-year-old Zimbabwean student, studying in the United Kingdom, Precious Mtunzi launched a beauty range of products at a glittering ceremony held in Harare on Monday.

The products, an array of eye lashes which come in various shades are already being sold on line, adding to the growing number of local beauty products to cater for different skin types.

The beauty bucket list of the eye lashes which come in alluring and exquisite shades are Mello, Zozo, Official Girl, Shelley and Plain Jane, which Precious named after friends and family members as an expression of love.

Zozo, was named after her mother, Zodwa, Mello after her younger sister while the Official Girl is Precious’ Instagram name.

Plain Jane is a beauty product which celebrates the simple, but beautiful women who-through this product-will accentuate their unique but dormant features

Speaking at the launch, Precious, who is the daughter of Harare businesswoman and owner of Traverze Travel Zodwa Mkandla said she decided to launch the range of eyelashes on realisation that there were a lot of women, who were looking for good, competitive products on the market.

“There is a growing interest on the local market from discerning and beauty conscious women who want high quality products that boost their confidence, but still within their means.

“It was against that background that I chose to focus on eye lashes range. I am happy to say that the product has been well received judging from the response I have been getting,” said Precious.

Precious who is studying International marketing and business and will compete her studies next year, said she worked on every aspect of the collection, from the shade range and packaging to the ad campaign and product names, something that was inspired by her mother.

“My mother is my role mode. She has over the years worked hard to grow her business, and has never looked back.

“Hers is an inspirational story which I would want to emulate,” she said.

Precious joins the growing list of local and international personalities, who have over the years put their names on various beauty products across.

There are some celebrities who slapped their name on any beauty product, and then there are others who truly love and believe in what they created.

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