Student (20) fined for theft

Student (20) fined for theft

Lovemore Meya Court Correspondent
A 20-year-old student who hired a 31-year-old prostitute in Chitungwiza and stole her cellphone valued at $11 after a sex romp at the woman’s house has been fined $30.

Lawrence Musenge of Mandaza Village in Seke told Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Takunda Mutetwa that he was helped by his grandfather to find a commercial sex worker for the romp.

This was after Musenge pleaded guilty to charges of theft and during mitigation he said: “I am a former Advanced Level student at Speciss College and I got 13 points in last year’s examinations. If the court may forgive me since I committed the offence after my grandfather helped me to hire the complainant for sexual favours,” he said.

However, Mr Mutetwa slapped him with a fine or he risks spending 10 days in prison. The prosecutor Ms Ntombikayise Nleya proved that on Friday and at around 10pm, Musenge was with his grandfather when they went to G Hostels in the dormitory town.

Upon arrival, Musenge’s grandfather negotiated for sexual intercourse for him with Primrose Mbedzi and agreed for $2.

The court heard that Musenge and Mbedzi agreed to use her room for the romp and after the act, he disappeared with her cellphone.

After noticing that her cellphone was stolen, Mbedzi started looking for Musenge. Upon realising that she was on his tow, Musenge took to his heels and was apprehended by the mob.

They searched him and found the cellphone, leading to his arrest.

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