Stern warning for errant NGOs Cde Chinamasa

Blessings Chidakwa

Herald Reporter

THE majority of the 3 500 registered non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country are clandestinely working towards removing the constitutionally elected Zanu PF Government, the party’s acting political commissar Cde Patrick Chinamasa has said.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters yesterday, Cde Chinamasa, who was flanked by former political commissars, Cdes Victor Matemadanda, Engelbert Rugeje, and Webster Shamu, said Zanu PF, as the ruling party, will not hesitate to flush out such NGOs.

“Zimbabwe has a record of something like 3 500 NGOs in this country, none of them, very few of them helping to contribute to the economic development of the country.

“Very few of them are helping to build schools, clinics, to give livelihoods to our people through irrigation schemes. All of them are employed to achieve regime change in Zimbabwe and we condemn it as they are calculated to undermine the orderly evolution of our political, economic and judicial systems and must be condemned,” he said.

Cde Chinamasa said it was the country’s sovereign right to have a peaceful and uninterrupted evolution.

“NGOs, we are at the moment just understanding what they are doing and if we see that they are on a regime change agenda, we will  request their de-registration. Clearly, that is our responsibility as a country.

“We cannot allow, internally, any organisation which we register under our statutes to subvert the sovereignty and integrity of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Cde Chinamasa, who also bade farewell to Cde Matemadanda who was appointed ambassador to Mozambique, said the task before the party is cell restructuring and it intends to lay a firm foundation by building firm cell structures.

He said the tentative ideas on the table are to recruit diaspora membership online from the Zanu PF headquarters.

“We are seeking to introduce a new class of membership — call it ‘Inactive membership’, that is, membership that does not want or aspire to hold positions or participate in the day to day activities of the party but support and stand in solidarity with Zanu PF. 

“This idea, if approved by our Politburo and subsequently by the Central Committee, is not original. We seek to borrow it from the Constitution of the ANC of South Africa,” he said.

“We are also seeking to organise our membership of Zimbabweans in the diaspora in this manner. Each country without regard to size will constitute a Zanu PF party district with branches in various locations of that country.”

Cde Chinamasa said the Zanu PF’s First Secretary and President Cde Mnangagwa’s achievements have transformed the party into a political juggernaut unstoppably steamrolling towards electoral victory in 2023.

“It is on the strength of these achievements that Zanu PF has, through many conference resolutions, resolved that Cde Mnangagwa be our sole presidential candidate come the 2023 harmonised                           elections.

“Cde Mnangagwa must continue and complete the good work that he started from the commencement of the New Dispensation,” he said.

Cde Chinamasa lashed at the MDC-Alliance for having run down urban local authorities, which they control, saying service delivery had deteriorated to alarming levels.

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