Steans’ e-mail to Chiyangwa

Steans’ e-mail to Chiyangwa

Mr ZIFA president

Forgive my intrusion on this Saturday morning. My name is Terry Steans. I am now an independent sports anti-corruption consultant and a former FIFA Global investigations coordinator for the FIFA security department.

I feel that I should appraise you of my involvement with Ms Rushwaya and her attempt to uncover match fixing and expose Wilson Raj Perumal.

What her motive for undertaking this mission was,only she can tell you that.

Quite simply she asked me for advice back in December 2015. I gave her my advice and she made the decision on her own to go along with the suspected match fixers who had contacted her.

She told me that she wanted to try to uncover what they were going to do. She took that responsibility.

She kept me appraised of her investigation at intervals through January and February but at no time did I work with her undercover or attend any meetings with her or the suspects.

I have attached a statement for you that I drafted today.

I know ZIFA has gone through hard times in recent years and the man responsible for that was once again at large and attempting to fix and corrupt not only Zimbabwe football but also South Africa and the Olympic football competition.

Henrietta Rushwaya’s attempt may not have been well planned or thought out but it has revealed information that will alert all footballing and Olympic authorities to the threat that is Wilson Raj Perumal and his gang.

Best Regards

Terry Steans

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