State-of-the-art town house, clinic for Ruwa

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State-of-the-art town house, clinic for Ruwa

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Municipal Correspondent
Ruwa Local Board, which is eyeing municipal status is building a state-of-the-art double storey town house and clinic that are almost 80 percent complete.

The new town house is expected to be complete by end of year or beginning of 2021 and will ensure that all the local authority’s departments are under one roof while the clinic is set to be commissioned by year-end.

The local board is renting offices for its finance department. Our news crew visited the site of the new town house, whose construction began nearly four years ago and observed that the super structure is complete with interior works set to commence anytime soon.

The town house will comprise a boardroom, computer room, revenue hall, a courtyard, offices for top management and that of the town chairperson.

On the clinic only the fitment of windows and doors is outstanding. The clinic is expected to serve over 150 000 patients from Mabvuku, Tafara, Caledonia and Goromonzi.

In an interview, the town secretary Mr Kumbirai Madanhi said the only outstanding issues relating to the town house are the internal fittings and they are yet to go to tender.

He said they hoped that the internal fittings would be put in shortly after they have raised enough revenue.

“Unfortunately the project has taken quite a lot of time almost four years now that is why we had to disengage the services of our town engineer for failing to monitor its completion, but it is now water under the bridge. We hope the new team will do justice to the project,” he said.

“The project has to be finished this 2020 or early next year depending on our revenue inflows. If we have enough funding obviously we will be through with the office this year.”

Mr Madanhi said they are leasing Zimpost offices for their finance department. He said they were confident of attaining municipal status.

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