State closes Wendall’s case

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State closes Wendall’s case Parson

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The State yesterday closed former Big Brother Africa winner Wendall Parson’s case and he immediately notified the court of his intention to apply for discharge at the close of the State case. Wendall is jointly charged with his brother William and the two are facing charges of fraud involvaing more than US$20 000 in a car insurance scandal.

Prosecutor Ms Constance Ngombengombe closed the State’s case after magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo upheld the objection by defence to the calling of Moses Mukwesha as a witness.

Ms Ngombengombe communicated her intention to subpoena Asst Insp Mukwesha as the fifth witness amid allegations that he assisted former Big Brother winner Wendall Parson to endorse a wrong accident date.

It emerged in court that the former senior police officer abruptly resigned from the force as investigations closed in on him.
In his ruling magistrate Mr Makomo told the court that the basis of the objection by defence counsel was that Mukwesha did not have a recorded statement and neither was he on the list of witnesses.

“If accused has a defence outline that doesn’t answer Mukwesha’s allegations, how then is the accused going to reconcile his defence?
“Accused has a right to information before trial so that he/she can prepare the case so that the accused is not prejudiced,” he said.

Wendall’s lawyer Mr Harrison Nkomo told the court that the basis of the application for discharge at the close of State case was because it failed to prove its case.

Mr Nkomo would file their application on October 22 and the State is scheduled to respond three days later with magistrate Mr Makomo expected to make his ruling on October 28.

Ms Ngombengombe alleges that on March 16 this year, Wendall’s brother, William was involved in an accident while driving the former’s car, a Ford Ranger.

The accident was reported at Borrowdale Police Station in Harare and it is alleged that on the day the accident occurred, Wendall’s vehicle was not insured. Afterwards, it is alleged that Wendall connived with his brother and hatched a plan to defraud Alliance Insurance Pvt Ltd.

On March 18, William allegedly went to the insurance brokers where he applied for insurance for the Ford Ranger together with two other trailers.

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