St Paul’s Musami bounce back Correctional Queens are home to national team players such as Marjoury Nyaumwe, Erina Jeke, Samukeliso Zulu and goalkeeper Chido Dzingirai.  “I am part of this project as a benefactor and the team belongs to the community, I am just giving back to the community,” said Gowo. 

Don Makanyanga-Sports Reporter

AFTER more than 50 years in the oblivion, St Paul’s Musami is set to bounce back on the domestic football arena next season.

After winning the championship in 1966, St Paul’s Musami was disbanded four years later. 

57-years later a club that held the longest record for a team outside Harare and Bulawayo to win the Championship will bounce back onto the local football scene next year as they set to join the Eastern Division One region. 

It was a record that stood for 51 years before it was broken by FC Platinum in 2017. With such a rich history associated with the team, the community with the help of local businessman Timothy Gowo has resuscitated the team.

It will bounce back onto the local scene next season as they are set to join the ZIFA Eastern Region Division One. 

Speaking at a meet-and-greet function held in the capital, the team’s benefactor, Gowo revealed the return of St Paul’s Musami. 

“We are reviving a sleeping giant in St Pauls Musami. 

“St Paul’s Musami is one of the oldest clubs in Zimbabwe, and as someone who has his roots in Murehwa I decided to engage the community and revive this sleeping giant. I am not an owner of the team but it remains a community team which belongs to the community.

“I am part of this project as a benefactor and the team belongs to the community, I am just giving back to the community,” said Gowo. 

Gowo revealed that plans to have the team in the ZIFA Eastern Region Davision One were already underway. 

“We are looking at registering with the ZIFA Eastern Region Division One and we have already started the process. 

“If you look at this past season, this is one region which had open slots, hence we are looking forward to joining them for next season and I am happy to say that we have had positive discussion so far,” said Gowo. He said their vision will not be about immediately seeking promotion into the Premiership next season but instead learn the ropes as they build a team for future success. 

“What we are saying is that next season will be a learning period for us and our target for promotion into the top flight will be the 2026 or 2027 season, for now we want to set the ground for future success,” he said. 

Gowo revealed that the revival of St Paul’s Musami will unearth some football stars like they have done in the past with the likes of James Nxumalo, Jawett Nechironga, Felix Mbidzo and George Shaya having launched their careers with the club. 

“It has been proved in the past that Zimbabwe has a lot of talent and in our case, we have had the likes of Shaya, Nechironga and Mbidzo just to mention a few starting their careers with St Paul’s Musami.

“We are confident that with the revival of St Paul’s Musami, we will unearth some great football stars while we give exposure to the rural kids to showcase their talent,” said Gowo.

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