St Ignatius Alumni, Phoenix visit St Marcellin


Leo Malvin Tinei Kawadza Cool Lifestyle Writer
The St Ignatius Alumni of 2016 made a visit to St Marcellin Children’s Village located in Hatfield on December 29 with the aim of showing support to the underprivileged children in the form of donations in both cash and kind.

The day was attended by various luminaries among them former students of St Ignatius and also members of the Phoenix Omega Leo club. On top of cash the visitors donated various goods among them clothes and food hampers.

The young people played games with the children at the village. Games played included soccer for the boys while the girls reminisced on their childhoods by engaging in the traditional games of “nhodo”,”sarura wako” and “pada” much to the delight of everyone around.

Everyone was part of the fun. The reserved adults opted for tennis while the courageous and bold took to the dance floor with the children.

Laughter and happiness was the order of the day and the children of the village expressed their admiration and promised that in their hearts St Ignatius and Phoenix Leo Club will forever be etched in the grateful part of their minds.

The visitors were then taken on a tour of the grounds by Mr and Mrs McDonald the proprietors of the children’s home and given a brief history of the place. According to Mr McDonald St Marcellin’s is home to 75 children who are aged between a few months old and 18 years.

Mr McDonald then took the opportunity to thank the Alumni and Phoenix Club for visiting and encouraged them to continue in works of service not only to orphanages but daily in their several local communities. In a statement released after the event the McDonald couple said, “On behalf of the management of St Marcellin Children’s Village we would like to thank you and your colleagues for your very kind donation of clothing and food you so generously donated to the village.

“We also wish to thank you for the time that you spent interacting with the children and making them feel special.

We humbly take this opportunity of wishing you all and your families all the very best for 2016 and look forward to working with you again in the New Year.”

The event was a success and it left many smiles and unfathomable happiness on all those who witnessed it.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event Leo Wayne Muwanigwa, who is a member of Phoenix Omega Club and also vice president of LeoD412 comprising of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi and Mozambique said,”I would like to commend the St Ignatius Alumni of 2015 and Phoenix Omega Club for the admirable stand they have taken to do this honourable deed they have undertaken on this day.

“This is a reminder to all the young people out there that we alone can make a difference in our country and it only takes a positive mind and a willing heart to know that we are limitless and whatever we do can be useful in putting a smile on someone face and ensuring incomparable happiness to them.”

He went on to wish everyone a prosperous New Year and express his hope that 2016 will be laden with charitable deeds by the youth. The challenge has been thrown; what are you going to do to make the world a better place this year?

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