SRC still studying ZINA submissions Prince Mupazviriho

Grace Chingoma Senior Sports Reporter
THE Sports Commission are still studying the submissions made by Zimbabwe Netball Association and will only comment at the appropriate time.

This was said yesterday by the Sports Commission director general Prince Mupazviriho.
ZINA came under spotlight after a group of netball stakeholders submitted a petition to the SRC expressing concern over how ZINA were running the game in the country.

The SRC gave the association a November 1 deadline to respond to all the charges which included alleged lack of transparency, accountability and that ZINA had different constitutions.
Yesterday, Mupazviriho said they were seized with the matter.

“We are looking into the issue. They have given us their response and we cannot comment on that at the moment and we will communicate once we have finished,” he said.

ZINA president Leticia Chipandu said they had nothing to hide.
“We are going to respond. We have no problem in doing that because we have the requirements that they need,’’ she said.
“But I just want to highlight that we are one of the few national associations that were given a licence to operate by SRC early this year.

“Those licences were only given to national associations that are compliant, which also means that ZINA is compliant in terms of the SRC Act and we haven’t deviated a centimetre from that.

“We will respond accordingly. We have got their request, we will go sentence by sentence and give them what they are asking for.’’

ZINA will have to patiently wait for the outcome of the Sports Commission board deliberations.
The SRC Act are empowered to act when they feel an association have lost their way.

“(1) Where the board considers that any registered national association.
(a) has ceased to operate as a national association; or
(b) has failed to comply with any provision of this Act; or
(c) has conducted itself in a manner which is contrary to the national interest; the board may, after affording the association concerned an opportunity of making representations in the matter, do either or both of the following
(i) suspend all or any of its officers;
(ii) direct the Director-General to strike the association from the register.
“(2) Where the board has taken any action referred to in sub-paragraph (i) or (ii) of subsection (1) the Minister may on the recommendation of, or after consultation with, the board appoint a committee to administer the affairs of the association concerned.”

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