Sports Commission approaches ICC MR GERALD MLOTSHWA

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THE Sports and Recreation Commission have written to the International Cricket Council, explaining the recent developments in Zimbabwe.

This follows the suspension of the entire Zimbabwe Cricket  board and its managing director Givemore Makoni last Friday on allegations of defying a Government directive and financial mismanagement.

In a letter directed to ICC’s chief executive Manu Sawhney, the Sports Commission’s board chairman Gerald Mlotshwa yesterday explained the resolution taken by his board.

“You will have received a copy of the board resolution, signed by myself, regarding the suspension of the entire Zimbabwe Cricket Board and the acting managing director of ZC on the 21st instant.

“Pursuant to the suspension, the SRC arranged for police details to man the outside parameter of ZC’s headquarters in Harare to ensure that no assets or other documents, especially of a financial nature, left the premises.

“This is in light of the impending forensic audit into the financial affairs of Zimbabwe Cricket over the years, including the manner in which public and International Cricket funds have been utilised.

“The police details were under strict instructions to allow all those members of staff not affected by the suspension to enter their place of work and carry on with the day-to-day business of Zimbabwe Cricket.

“This circumstance was also explained to the private security company that appears to have always guarded the premises.

“Notwithstanding the foregoing, we are in receipt of reports from various sources, including the Press, alerting us to the fact that employees of ZC are being prevented from accessing their place of business by the private security company.

“This is happening at most of ZC premises, including Harare Sports Club, where the groundsmen reported that they had been told to go back home by the suspended ZC chairman until further notice.

“There appears to be an orchestrated attempt to cause maximum confusion, fear and despondency within the employees of ZC, including the professional cricketers themselves.

“We are very much aware of the two persons causing this unnecessary distress.

“These persons no longer have the authority at law to direct in any manner the affairs of Zimbabwe Cricket.

“Indeed, their behaviour, unsurprising as it is, vindicates in the most emphatic of ways, the type of  ‘administrators’ we are dealing with.

“Their behaviour is simply not civilised, nor is it lawful.

“The interim chairman of ZC, David Ellman-Brown, his fellow interim directors and myself will attend ZC Headquarters tomorrow (today) to assess the situation, and importantly, to address and assure staff as regards continuity, subject of course to the SRC’s resolution and the terms of reference thereof.

“David himself, will be in touch with you formally shortly, if not after tomorrow’s (today) meeting with staff. There will be emphasis in his communication regarding the very need for operational assistance from the ICC, particularly in regard to the determination of the historical and current financial status of Zimbabwe Cricket.

“We believe that the concerns of SRC coincide with that of the ICC. Zimbabwe Cricket cannot continue to lurch from one controversy to another. It must all end and be resolved conclusively in the best interests of Zimbabwean cricket,” read part of the letter sent to the ICC by Mlotshwa.

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