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(SPONSORED)How Forbes bet small and won BIG

12 Dec, 2019 - 10:12 0 Views
(SPONSORED)How Forbes bet small and won BIG

The Herald

Forbes Kagweda bought a new car and surprised his family after winning BIG with betPawa. He won a massive RTGS$6,781.98 from just a RTGS$1 bet, helped by one of betPawa’s unbeatable win bonuses.

The Harare resident’s initial RTGS$4,843.56 winnings were increased by a 40% win bonus for betting on 11 legs. betPawa offer the best win bonus in Zimbabwe for all bets with three legs or more, including 250% for bets with 30 legs.

All of Forbes’ selections were for teams to be winning their games at half time and full time. He didn’t just celebrate with a new vehicle: “I also sent some money home to my parents.”

He added: “I was using another online betting site and when my friend showed me betPawa online, I just decided to give it a go. I like it for its quick customer service. The website is user friendly and saves much on data usage. The bonuses are very good too. They actually increase your winnings by a large margin.

“Join betPawa as it is a good online betting company. I have won and I continue winning and this means it is a genuine company.”

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