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‘Special Class’ back with a bang

12 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views
‘Special Class’ back with a bang

The Herald

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent

Following a good run of the pilot season that left comedy lovers in stitches and yearning for more, hilarious comedy series “Special Class” returns, this time bigger and better.

As part of their improvements, the series, which used to air only on social media, has been adopted on ZBC TV.

The series producer Victor “Doc Vikela” Mpofu  said they have elongated the episodes from last season’s five and ten minutes.

“We started off with five minutes episodes, and then developed them to 10 minutes, and now we have made the series longer (30 minutes) to meet television standards.

“I feel the punch lines are tighter and there are a few surprises that are going to come with this season,” he said.

“We are not going to reveal what we have packaged, but we will let people enjoy episode by episode.”

Other improvements include broadening their cast, which already comprises a star-studded line-up, among them Boss Kedah, Louis Prince of Comedy, Chati Butao, Tinaye Wayne, Ckanyiso That Guy and Kadem the Comic.

Doc Vikela said they will continue airing on social media.

“On ZBC TV we air every Saturday at 6pm and on our YouTube channel we continue airing every Tuesday at 10am,” he said.

“Special Class” is a low-budget comedy series that is themed around a typical high school.

Banking on the nostalgia of high school experiences, the production has been cracking humour on issues around love letters, civics days, school trips and computer lessons, among other themes that take one back to the classroom.

The characters befittingly embrace all the typical high school characters.

On their YouTube channel, “Special Class” averages over 100 000 views per episode.

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