Southern Belle makes comeback The Southern Belle Houseboat will return to Zimbabwean shores after a 12-year hiatus

Walter Nyamukondiwa Kariba Bureau

The Southern Belle Houseboat makes a comeback to Zimbabwean waters after a 12-year absence following a buyout deal by a local investor.

The deal, which is still under wraps brings back one of the largest boats on Lake Kariba after it was bought by Zambian Protea Hotel Group in 2010.

This gives tourism in Kariba a major boost as the floating hotel boasts 22 cabins including a presidential suite and an exclusive balcony.

The massive boat needs a crew of around 50 members at full capacity and can be used for weddings, parties and Safari trips, among others.

Sources said the investor wanted to remain anonymous until all formalities are finalised.

Tourism has been on a recovery path in Kariba with new activities being introduced to broaden the repertoire of activities in the resort town.

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