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South African hip hop stars in battle for Harare

06 Dec, 2019 - 00:12 0 Views
South African hip hop stars in battle for Harare Nasty C

The Herald

Arts Reporter
Harare will be a battleground for South African rappers Nasty C and AKA, who are set to perform in the capital on December 21.

Nasty C stages a show at Pabloz Car Park at Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale, while AKA will be at Wood Sensations Club at Longcheng Plaza in Belvedere.

The South African singers have had numerous stage battles in their country and the Harare concerts on the same night are likely to bring frenzy among hip hop followers.

They both have youthful followers in Zimbabwe and the verdict of the night will likely be a barometer of their popularity.
Hip hop followers have already started heated social media debates on the likely outcome of the night.
Organisers of the events say they have crafted different concepts to separate targeted audiences.

The Nasty C concert is strictly hip-hop, with supporting acts coming from the same genre. Nasty C will share the stage with King 98, Stunner, T-Gonzi, Takura, Kikky Badass, Gemini Major, Tellaman and Rowlene, among others.

On the other side of the city, AKA will be in concert with the likes of Distruction Boyz, DJ Stavo, Winky D, Bryn K, Probeats and Tammy Moyo. A number of wheel spinners that include Dee Nosh, L-Roy, Ash Stylez and Nivek are set to illuminate the much anticipated show.

Organisers of Nasty C’s concert said they wanted hip hop fans to enjoy a complete package of the genre.
“We have a complete hip hop package and Nasty C will lead the party,” said DJ Simz, who is part of the organising team. “We have decided to host the show at Pabloz Car Park to give it a unique feel.

“The set-up will be unique as people will be able to view performances from upstairs in Pabloz Bar and also on the ground in the car park.

“It is a special show for Nasty C who will conclude his Ivyson tour on the night. The tour started in South Africa and it is being done to honour his late mother Ivy.
He is so passionate about the event.”

A spokesperson for the AKA concert said theirs would be a party without boundaries.
“We have brought musicians of various genres together so that we have a party for revellers of different music tastes,” he said.
“It is a show that we have dubbed ‘DJ Stavo and Friends’. DJ Stavo has friends from various genres and he also works with many wheel spinners, hence there is diverse line-up.”

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