Soul Jah Love snubs Zima

Soul Jah Love snubs Zima

Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent
Controversial but talented Zimdancehall artiste Soul Jah Love pulled out of Zimbabwe Music Awards ceremony at the last minute after being asked to share the stage with Seh Calaz. A source close to the goings-on said when Soul Jah Love arrived at the venue ahead of the ceremony, he was told the organisers were planning to have him share the stage with Seh Calaz and he was against the idea, prompting him to pull out of the event.

Soul Jah Love was supposed to share the stage with Queen Vee when she did their collaboration “Mari Mari” but people were surprised to see the South Africa-based songbird performing solo.

“When Soul Jah Love came to collect his tickets since he was a nominee he was told by a ZIMA official that they wanted to have a collaboration of Zimdancehall artistes to perform at the awards ceremony and he was told that he was to share stage with Seh Calaz,

“Upon hearing this, he told them point- blank that he would never collaborate with Seh Calaz on stage before walking away,” said the source. Soul Jah Love’s manager-cum-wife Bounty Lisa confirmed that the “Kuponda Nhamo” hitmaker was billed to perform at the ceremony but could not be drawn to divulge more information saying they had personal business to take care of on the day.

“Yes, we know that we were supposed to perform at the ZIMA but we had other personal business we had to take care of on the day,” she said. ZIMA spokesperson Farai Chapoterera declined to shed more light on the issue saying she was busy on the day and that she had to ask the person who was responsible for the artistes’ performance.

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