Soul Jah Love faces arrest

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Soul Jah Love faces arrest SOUL JAH LOVE

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Brenda Phiri Entertainment Reporter
Mbare-bred chanter Soul Musaka, popularly known as Soul Jah Love faces arrest for failing to honour a contractual agreement with Uptown Club in Gweru.
Soul Jah Love reportedly received US$380 payment for performance at a show last Friday but failed to turn up for the Zim Dancehall Varsity gig, which featured Gweru’s finest deejays.

The organiser of the show said he is left with no option but to report the matter to the police because efforts to engage the musician over the issue have failed.

“I am disappointed by the lack of professionalism of this youngster. If he was not interested in performing at our club, he should have just said so.

“Now we have wasted US$380 we sent him. We had also used up US$180 for marketing the show. We cannot negotiate the way forward since his phone has been unreachable from the time we transferred his dues to one Tafadzwa Mudaiswa’s ecocash account,” fumed club representative Fortune Ndisengei.

Ndisengei added that they had since resorted to involving the police in order to recover some of the money following Soul Jah Love’s hide and seek tactics.

While messages of Ecocash transactions were made available to the Herald Entertainment, recipient Tafadzwa Mudaiswa maintained that he was merely a middleman.

“It is true that Soul Jah Love used my Ecocash account for the transaction since he uses a Telecel line that cannot receive money from Econet numbers.

That is how I got mixed up in the fracas but I gave him all the money to him on the day that I received it,” he said.

Mudaiswa also confirmed that Soul Jah Love was in Mbare although his mobile number remains unreachable, six days later.

This incident comes barely a week after Soul Jah Love and fellow musician Seh Calaz made headlines for failing to perform at Club Whispers in Highfield after getting paid and it is now becoming a trend for the artistes.

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