Soul Jah Love commemoration gig lives up to billing

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Soul Jah Love commemoration gig lives up to billing Part of the crowd at Soul Jah Love commemoration held on Saturday at Glamos Arena

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A HUGE legion of fans thronged late Zimdancehall sensation Soul Jah Love commemoration gala at the Glamis Arena in Harare at the weekend.

The gala featuring scores of artistes started on Saturday afternoon and ran into Sunday morning.

Seasoned and upcoming Zimdancehall musicians put up a mixed bag of performances.

But it was the spirit of the legendary Chibaba that hovered above the stadium and set the gig afire.

The event organised by music promoter Patson Chimbodza affectionately known as “Chipaz” received thunderous praise on social media with some music critics stamping their arguing that the “genre is alive and not dying” as some had claimed.

Artiste after ariste, took turns to perform their rendition hits from the late Soul Jah Love before they dished out their signature songs.

“This is massive. What we have witnessed at Glamis Arena has proven that the genre is safe and I am happy that the artistes have come together and are united for one cause,” said 26-year-old Martin Gara of Highfield.

He said the show should be a permanent feature as it gives the upcoming a chance to showcase their talent.

“What started as a commemoration ended up also as a talent show too as you have noticed, different artistes all in the name of Zimdancehall took part,” he said.

Pamela Makasa, a strong fan of the late singer said she would do anything for his music to remain relevant in the arts sector.

“I was happy all of my favourite tracks were played today (Saturday) and the venue was suitable for the show because it is flexible and open space,” she said.

“My favourite performer of the night goes to Blot because of his energetic and vibrant act.”

Some of the artistes who performed included Dhadza D, Killer T, Blot, Ras Caleb, Dj Fantan, Young Junita, Young Fantan, Ras Pompey, Dj Fydale, Kabhidha and Enzo Ishall among others.

However, the late talented musician, Soul Jah Love died on February 17 last year after battling diabetes for a long period.

He was rushed to Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Harare without a pulse and was declared dead upon arrival.

The Pamamonya hitmaker was declared liberation hero and buried at Warren Hills Cemetery.

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