Son says ready to succeed father

Son says ready to succeed father Mulenga Sata
Mulenga Sata

Mulenga Sata

LUSAKA. — Mulenga Sata says he is ready to succeed his father who mentored him not to shy away from challenges. Speaking to journalists at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka shortly before the arrival of president Michael Sata’s body from London, the Mayor of Lusaka said he was a servant of the people.

Asked about the youths that were chanting slogans suggesting that he must contest the presidency, Mulenga responded, “These things happen, you have heard my name being proposed here . . . it is politics.

“I have been mentored in the school of Sata not to shy away from challenges, so why not?”

He said he expects a young candidate for the Patriotic Front in the coming presidential by-election.

“Myself, I am a servant of the people. We will look at what the people want given the circumstance. We have got a short period to campaign. Some 70 per cent of the voters in Zambia are under the age of forty, (so) whatever candidate is picked should be relevant to the electorate. I think the late president was the last of the old presidents.

“I expect that the next candidate to be quite young,” Mulenga said.

And Mulenga told journalists that emotions were high in the PF at the moment, a challenge that acting President Guy Scott had to manage.

Mulenga said there was nothing wrong with Dr Scott acting as President.

And hired PF cadres were almost flashed out of the airport apron by a defence force security team after they attempted to run through it as mourners gathered awaiting the arrival of president Sata’s body.

Swift action by security, however, blocked the cadres who were clad in white T-shirts with the words “Mulenga Sata for continuity: special courtesy by GBM”.

This was shortly after Mulenga disembarked from a plane from London that had the advance party. — The Post.

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