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Soldier to do unpaid work for extortion

Soldier to do unpaid work for extortion

gavel2Fungai Jachi Court Correspondent
A Soldier manning the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Mbare studios will perform 105 hours of community service after he was convicted of extortion.

Tapiwa Masvingise (23) was also fined $100 for assaulting the same man he extorted $95 from, for answering his mobile phone near the ZBC entrance.

Appearing before Mbare magistrate Mr Reward Kwenda, Masvingise was sentenced to seven months in prison for extortion while three months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

A further month was suspended on condition Masvingise restitutes $45 to Lloyd Zisengwe.

Mr Kwenda suspended the remaining three months on condition Masvingise performs 105 hours of community service at Waterfalls Police Station.

He was also fined $100 or spend 20 days in prison for assault.

Facts are that on January 8 at around 8pm, Zisengwe was near the entrance to the ZBC Mbare Studios on his way to Mbare Musika.

Masvingise greeted Zisengwe but before he could respond to the greeting, Zisengwe’s mobile phone rang.

Zisengwe tried to answer his call but before he could do so Masvingise slapped him four times in the face.

Masvingise accused Zisengwe of undermining his authority as a soldier by answering his phone near ZBC and for doing so while talking to him.

The court heard that Masvingise then asked Zisengwe to give him $50 so that he would not take him inside ZBC premises for further punishment.

He was given the money and also took Zisengwe’s mobile phone worth $45.

Masvingise later dismissed Zisengwe who then reported the matter to the police.

Total amount prejudiced was $95 and nothing was recovered.

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