Soda: A man with a vision for Muzarabani

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Daniel Chigunwe Mash Central Correspondent
THE history of the Second Chimurenga will not be complete without the mentioning of Muzarabani and Altena Farm in particular.

This area sealed the bond that exists between the people of Dande Valley and Zanu-PF. The bond was sealed through the blood of the gallant sons and daughters who lost their lives in the liberation struggle.

Zanu-PF winning Member of National Assembly for Muzarabani North, Cde Zhemu Soda said the area’s rich liberation war history contributed to the ruling party’s resounding victory in the just-ended 2018 harmonised elections.

Having been set to battle against the double candidature from the MDC-Alliance, Cde Soda described this year’s elections as a tough test of democracy.

“The election was an acid test especially with the level of democracy demonstrated by Zanu-PF led by President Mnangagwa. It was the first time since 1980 that we had 23 candidates vying for the presidency which is a true reflection of democracy at play.

“Muzarabani North was not spared to the point that the opposition party had to field two candidates. Despite all that, the people of Muzarabani spoke and elected me to represent them in the National Assembly. That explains how free and fair the elections were,” he said.

Cde Soda who managed to poll 17 098 votes against his close rival and MDC-Alliance candidate, Mr Agreement Kagura who got 1 161, also cited lack of media coverage as one of the major reason behind stagnant development which has seen the district’s prolonged “closed for business” state despite being endowed with l resources.

“The constituency has over the years not been given adequate publicity and exposure. We have not had a chance to tell our story to the world. We are endowed with natural resources, national heritage sites and agricultural activities which can turn around the economic fortunes of the locals.

“I have realised that Muzarabani has potential for growth from agricultural activities particularly cotton growing and livestock production. Value addition is the way to go for example through oil pressing and cattle fattening. Besides that our range of Mavhuradonha Mountains are rich with various minerals that are still to be exploited.

“Tourism is another opportunity considering that we now have a site which has been accorded national heritage status. The endowment of natural resources makes the constituency very susceptible to quick development once full exploitation commences,” said Cde Soda as he laid down his visions and expectations for the constituency in the next five years.

Having served the community of Muzarabani working for Cottco until 2004 when he joined Alliance Ginneries as regional manager in the district till 2017, the man has a vision of transforming the range into a Green Valley.

“All that having been said, I personally feel humbled and honoured with the support that the people gave me. Therefore, I pledge to contribute through ideas and my personalised participation towards the resuscitation of our economy at large. With the new administration, Zimbabwe is in good hands and most of the economic ills that bedevilled the country will soon vanish.”

The new man in Muzarabani North is, however, not blind to the numerous challenges currently bedevilling the district.

“While our challenges are many, the social and economic challenges play a big blow in undermining the well-being of our people in the constituency. Social amenities need high priority thus more focus is on schools, clinics, hospitals, safe water sources, roads and cattle dips.

“On the economic side, there are no major industries that can absorb our growing population,” added Cde Soda.

Born on the June 4, 1974, Cde Soda did his primary education at Muzarabani Primary School from 1981 to 1987, then proceeded to Muzarabani Secondary where after completing his Ordinary Level studies worked for Cottco beginning as a clerk and rose through the ranks becoming a depot accountant.

Cde Soda is blessed with one daughter and three sons.

He is married to Precious.

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