Social themes strengthen ‘Tsoka Dzerwendo’

Social themes strengthen ‘Tsoka Dzerwendo’ Alick Macheso

Tawanda Marwizi : Arts Correspondent

When sungura musician Alick Macheso launched his career in 1999 with his debut album “Magariro” he was applauded for his ability to sing about several issues affecting the society. He consolidated his lyrical prowess as he released albums such as “Simbaradzo”, “Zvakanaka Zvakadaro” and “Zvido Zvenyu Kunyanya”, “Vapupuri Pupurai” and “Zvinoda Kutendwa.”By then the musician had a strong understanding of the meaning of music, to entertain as well as to bring different social issues on spotlight.

With his ability to tackle several social issues he managed to win the hearts of many music lovers in the country.

Social messages complemented by good instruments earned him the name “King of Sungura.”

Songs that quickly come to mind are “Amai VaRubi”, “Murume”, “Chengetai”, “Baba VaSandy”, “Ndiwe”, “Makandidana”, “Charakupa”and “Gogogi” among others.

The songs explore various issues that affect the society, mostly marriages.

All hell broke loose when the musician released his previous album “Kwatakabva Mitunhu.”

Most of the tracks on the album were self-praising songs with the musician telling his fans that he was talented when they already knew it. He penned three songs on the album “Chirimuruoko”, “Kutsvaga Chiremba” and “Zvipo” to make sure that the nation get convinced that he was a talented musician and decided to underplay his usual routine to give people songs that inspire them in their livelihoods.

Only “Macharangwanda” and “Cynthia” had something to ponder on, the rest were self-praising songs from the musician.

To make matters worse he even brought the controversial “Zunza Mukaka” lyrics that were denounced by many including his fans.

Now the release of his 10th album “Tsoka Dzerwendo” has brought yet another dimension for the musician’s career.

The musician has taken back his winning formula by tackling social issues that affect the society.

On all the six tracks, the musician managed to capture issues that are topical in the society.

Opening track “Baba” has the potential to make waves as it fights against divorce that has become a common thing of the society.

It is the same with tracks “Kurarama Inyasha”, “Mude Mude”, “Wandirangaridza”, “Munyaradzi” and “Gungwa” that have meaningful messages.

Despite the good instruments, Zimbabweans have something to take home from the album that has lyrics that have an impact on people’s lives. By penning meaningful lyrics the musician has simply retraced his steps to his old albums.

The album is reportedly selling like hot cakes in different parts of the country.

Zimbabweans across the country on Monday applauded the musician for having the ability to sing songs that have to do with people’s lives.

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