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Snowstorm kills one, leaves 337k households in darkness

Snowstorm kills one, leaves 337k households in darkness

SANTIAGO. — At least one person has died and about 337 000 households were left without power as a rare snowfall hit the Chilean capital, Santiago.

The unusual weather saw temperatures dropping below zero, said to be the lowest in almost a decade.

The one fatality was a worker who was clearing ice, the capital’s authorities said in a statement at a Press conference, as cited by local media.

Two other people were injured after being electrocuted by a fallen power line, the statement added. About 337 000 households were left without power due to the storm, the Office of National Emergency (ONEMI) said on Saturday, as cited by AFP.

Officials said that the weather affected one in seven residents of the capital. The snowstorm was the heaviest since 2007, AFP said, citing meteorologists.

Fallen trees and branches were the main causes of the power outages. Several football matches were suspended due to heavy snow, the Football Federation of Chile said in a statement.

Some residents of Santiago and the greater area, which is home to around seven million people, opted to enjoy the rare event.

“We should admire the moment that nature gave us, this show so cute,” José Valenzuela, who took his children for a snowy walk in the capital, told AFP. — RT.

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