Sniper fires warning shots

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Sniper fires  warning shots

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Sniper StormJonathan Mbiriyamveka Entertainment Reporter
Reggae/dancehall artistes Sniper Storm (pictured) and Freeman have promised the best in music when they perform at Dzivarasekwa Stadium this Saturday for what has been dubbed “Zim Dancehall Heroes Special Part II”. Sniper Storm a.k.a The General did not mince his words declaring he has “rallied his troops” for what promises to be a show- stopping performance.
“I am done with battles and because those who seek to battle with me, their parents listen to my music and it will not be fair to battle their children,” he said.
He, however, said he was looking forward to performing at the gig and promised fireworks.

“Of course, ndizvo ndizvo, moto moto tichazvuva nyowani padamba refu ririkuuya iri. (We are going to sample one new track from the upcoming album. The new album features 10 tunes,”), Sniper – whose real name is Donald Chirisa – said.

His last album called “Dong Feng” caused quite a stir on the airwaves as it features the club hits “Kwarira Mukati”, “Bhadhara”, “Voodoo” and “Sungura”.
“Dong Feng” was his sixth album and he confirmed that another album is set to be realised. Also not to be outdone is Freeman.

Hailing from Dzivarasekwa, the venue for this year’s gig, the Dancehall Doctor as he is called in music circles, reiterated that he was more than prepared for the gig.
“Tinenge tiri kumberi,” he said adding: “Danger Zone band will be at full throttle, making sure we are on point.”

Freeman also promised new songs including a collaboration with Lady Squanda on the tune called “Yarira Pembe”.
Besides “Yarira Pembe”, Lady Squanda and Freeman have also done two songs together “Neshungu” and the popular “Dancehall Doctor”.
Asked what sort of relationship the two shared on and off the stage, Freeman said they were the best of friends.

“She is a good friend of mine and that is what it is. She is talented and I enjoy her singing,” Freeman said.
Most dancehall acts are now backed by a live band, a situation which has improved live performances for the likes of Guspy Warrior, Winky D, Sniper and lately Freeman.

Guspy Warrior of the “Seunononga” fame is also on the bill and he is no pushover.
Guspy Warrior has been on cloud nine with his chart topper “Seunononga”. The song has put Guspy in the spotlight and whenever he performs fans are assured of a great time.

Although Guspy Warrior was recently involved in a car accident, he vowed to show up at the gig this Saturday.
Another artiste to look forward to is Shinsoman, born Romeo Antony. Shinsoman started out music in 2009 under Heshi Mfeshi Records. Since that time he has never looked back riding on the popularity of his hit songs “Kukunakidza”, “Dancehall Fada” and “Maghetto Yuts”.

Zimbabwean dancehall fans will confirm that such battles have given birth to future stars while the winner will be crowned King of Dancehall.
Also on the bill are Killah T, Dadza D, Seh Galaz, Lady Squanda, Mostaff, Kina, Sunshine Family, Crystal, Mega Force, Prince Spice, Magical and Bounty Lisa.
The Templeman aka Godfather, DJ Garry B, Smiley of Legendary Sound, Mega B, Adeline and DJ Bimma will be present to endorse whoever lifts the crown.

Event co-ordinator Jackie Dzambasa said the show was a belated heroes’ commemoration and a tribute to the gallant sons and daughters who fought in the liberation struggle. The gig is a must attend as it brings all the big dancehall names on one dance floor.

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