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Slizer dumps SA hubby for Peter Moyo

28 May, 2014 - 00:05 0 Views
Slizer dumps SA hubby for Peter Moyo Slizer

The Herald



Queen of Kwaito Kwasa, Naledi Kaisara aka Slizer, has found love in Zimbabwe at the hands of Sungura musician, Peter Moyo. The Bobonong-born singer and dancer is over the moon about her new found love after divorcing her South African husband Bosi Mosupi, aka Cobra.
Speaking to The Voice, Slizer (who was careful not to reveal too many details) confirmed that she was in love with the renowned Zimbabwean musician.

She said that her marriage to South African Mosupi failed partly because he wanted to make her a house-wife.

“Cobra wanted me to quit music and be a housewife but you can’t stop me from doing what I love most, music is my life.

We agreed to end our relationship even though we have a child together,” she said.

She said that Moyo’s appearance on the scene had really helped her to recuperate after the heartache of divorce and all the media attention on her private life.

Although the couple first dated last year, Slizer refused to say how they met.

Meanwhile, Moyo was quoted in the Zimbabwean media saying, “Yes, there is something going on between me and Slizer but it’s our secret.

“I knew people were going to talk. What is wrong with spending most of my time with Slizer? We are artistes and we have common interests.

“Last year I invited her to my father’s memorial and then we toured together and one thing led to another. When I go to Botswana and get the chance to see her, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.”

He is also said to have posted a picture of him and Slizer as his Whatsapp profile.

A source close to the two artistes revealed that the couple is well known at one particular hotel in Harare, where Slizer has a permanent room.

The “Diwewewe” hit-maker said it is too soon to discuss marriage, but did not rule it out in future.

Moyo is featured in Slizer’s album titled Bazooka on a track called “Asina Mari”.- The Voice.


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