Six IKO Nakamura Kyokushinkaikan karatekas graded

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Six IKO Nakamura Kyokushinkaikan karatekas graded

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SIX local karatekas graduated with various belts at the IKO Nakamura Kyokushinkaikan karate grading ceremony held over the weekend.

The grading was held at Nakamura dojo in Kambuzuma on Saturday.

The grading was conducted by branch chief IKO Nakamura Kyokushinkaikan Tawanda Mufundisi together with Farai Gosha, a top instructor from the organisation.

They were joined by George Mutambu from So-kyokushin, who was invited to be part of the programme.

Out of the six successful candidates that turned up for the event – Edmond Munyukwi was graded to third dan black belt while Jean-Claude Mufundisi moved up to second dan as well as Wengai Katemanyengo.

The trio of Tafadzwa Dzenza, Tinashe Tioka and Tawanda Alexanda graduated from the first kyu brown belt to first dan black belt.

Mufundisi said being able to grade the karatekas at home gave is an opportunity for most of the karatekas who sometimes face financial constraints to go for grading outside the country.

“Having the privilege to grade black belts is an advantage to the country since most have to fly to Japan.

“I was blessed to be allowed to grade up to third dan and also to recommend one of the karatekas Sensei Gosha to go and grade fourth dan that can only be done in Japan.

“Sensei Munyukwi is IKO Nakamura Zimbabwe technical director so his grading means a lot to us since he last graded in 2017. I feel it was long overdue,” said Mufundisi.

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