Sithabile’s road to 11As at O-Level

Sithabile’s road to 11As at O-Level

sithabileSithabile’s story as told  to Sophia Chese

My name is Sithabile Nyathi and I was born on April 1, 1999. I did my Form 1 to 4 at Bonda Girls High in Mutare and sat for my Ordinary Level examinations last year in November.

I sat for 11 subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Computers and obtained As in them all. I feel I managed to come out with flying colours because of what I practised during my period at secondary school and it is my privilege to share my story with fellow Cool teens out there.

Some of the things that I did are to study myself and come to understand the real me. I discovered that I am not a morning person so studying at dawn was out. That meant sitting up till late at night then go to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

The second thing was that I am one person who loves music so dearly. So I gave up on TV. For the four years I spent at Bonda I never attended any TV session, period. I knew that if I went to just one I was likely to get carried away and forget the core reason why I was in school.

The other thing is I was in a group of five friends but none of them was ever my study buddy. Because of our close relationship we decided that we would never study with each other because we knew that the moment that we got together we would start chatting and forget about books.

So we used to meet only once a week on Saturdays for a short chat for about 30 minutes then go back to our study partners who for each of us were other students whom we were not close friends with.

Of my five friends, two got 12As, one had 11As, one got 9As and 1B and the other got 6As and 4Bs.

Today I feel doubly happy because I managed to make my parents proud especially my mom, Ms Simbai Mangena. She was so devastated when my eldest brother Mandla succumbed to a liver problem last year.

He was a third-year student at Midlands State University and had promised mom that he would make her proud by graduating with a first clss degree. My mother always reminded me of my brother’s promise and urged me to work hard in school.

I am going back to Bonda High School for my Advanced Level; and I want to do Maths, Physics and Chemistry for my dream is to become a medical doctor.

I also want to take this opportunity to encourage my peers who failed to make it that you have not reached the end of the road; revisit what you feel resulted in you failing.

Maybe you have to change the way you were studying, there is always a second chance. To those who made it, keep on keeping on and all the best in your endeavours.

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