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Singer markets Zim in Australia

13 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
Singer markets Zim in Australia Cozzy Kozile Dube

The Herald

Arts Reporter
AustraliaN-based musician Cozzy Kozile Dube says he uses every opportunity he gets in the foreign land to market Zimbabwean culture and tell others about the beauty of his home country.

The singer, who attends to all events carrying a Zimbabwean flag, said he has received positive response from Australians and other nationals who want to know more about Zimbabwe.

He has performed at a number of multi-racial events and has also supported local musicians that regularly tour Australia.

At some events, he enhances his cultural marketing theme with traditional dressing, which has attracted many admirers.

The Kwekwe-born artiste says many people from various countries are interested in the Zimbabwean culture and he has shared information about his home country through music and discussions.

“People from many parts of the world who I meet here in Australia are excited about our culture. They want to know more about our roots and traditional ceremonies. I decided to use cultural attire at many events as a way of showcasing our heritage,” said the musician who uses stage name Cozzy Kozile.

Getting inspiration from the likes of James Chimombe, John Chibadura, Biggy Tembo, Mukoma Ketai, Marshall Munhumumwe and Tongai Moyo, Kozile’s music is diverse culturally and seeks to tell the Zimbabwean story from many facets and he calls it ZimJazz.

Although he has one album titled “Uchandifunga”, the singer is grateful about having utilised many events for his mission.

He is working on his second album titled “Zimbabwe Kumba” that will be released soon.

Whenever he comes back home, Kozile joins other musicians for shows and discussions to get latest trends of local showbiz and connect with his fellow singers.

He mainly performs in Harare and his hometown of Kwekwe.

He cherishes the reunion with the town every time he comes home.

“I was born in Mbizo and did my primary education at Chiedza Primary and my first two years of High School at Mbizo High then I went to Nkululeko High School,” he recalled.

“I failed my O-Level and went on to work for TelOne as a tree-cutter, doing bush clearance for telephone lines. I worked in Kwekwe, Silobela and Kaguvi areas. I sat for my O-Level exams again and did better then worked for Topics Kwekwe as indoor security guard.

“I later worked for Nando’s where I became one of the best in food preparation. I came here to Australia where I tried to pursue surveying and, later, nursing. I realised these were not my fields, so I went back to the kitchen job that I had mastered at Nando’s.

“I have been in the food industry since then and I do music as a part time venture. I enjoy the combination because food and music can express culture in an emphatic way.”

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