Simunye: We are one in life and theatre A scene from Simunye We are One

Isdore Guvamombe

This is it. It is solid. And, with it, the tourist resort of Victoria Falls, will never be the same. Never, never, never again. Never!

For theatre lovers, this is a must-watch!  It is there every night.

The cast appeals to an audience across the divide. Hosted at Ndlovu Theatre, the play “Simunye: We Are One”, takes you on a journey of what Africa, its people, and wildlife must have been a million years ago.

Of course, English is the argot, for international effects. In the cast, you follow Bomani, the son of Chief Ekanjo, an outcast from the Kimba tribe, who slogs the African swathe of land in search of a home, accompanied by his loyal elephant friend, Ndlovu.

Here, Ndlovu is more than just a friend, the giant mammal is an enigma, very thoughtful and helpful with his intelligence, stamina, and little everything else.

Join Bomani and Ndlovu on their quest and experience the African universal spirit of togetherness.

Presented by Victoria Falls Theatre Company, this production combines stunning visuals, music, puppetry, and dance seamlessly.

The aura of the African jungle, the gothic, eerie, and profound jungle sounds, and the storyline, give a real break from the hullaballoo of urban life, it is far from the screeching vehicles tyres, the symphony and the criss-crossing pedestrians we experience every day.

The play “Simunye” takes us back to another world, somewhere where Africa and its people, cultural trinkets, flora, and fauna were, maybe, a million years ago. Directed by acclaimed handspring Puppeteer Mongiwekhaya, the play showcases local professional artists in an intimate 180-seater open-air theatre.

There is no doubt “Simunye” is a captivating fusion of puppetry, dance, music, and visuals, delivering a powerful mes-sage of love and community. Simunye breathes a new depth into theatre in Zimbabwe and until you watch it, you have not watched theatre.

After a buffet of daily tourism activities, my brother convinced me to go to the theatre in the evening. Reluctantly I agreed, for, most of the modern theatre I have tried to watch over the past decade or so, did not meet standards. The theatre has been a waste of time for me and very, very moribund. But this is it.

But thanks to Clement Mkwasi, I took up the advice and went for it. I don’t regret the time. I would go back again and again and again and again. Again. Simunye is captivating. The act is solid. The cast is clear. The venue is befitting and the visuals keep the audience on the edge of their chairs. The young boys and girls in the cast, have the energy, the language is perfect, the setting is purely African and the love theme, old as it is, is in this case revisited with enthusiasm.

Creative Team


Tholekele Nkala

Barry Strydom

Tariro Mushonga

Avalon van Leent


Bruce Mutero

Melusi Chitura

Mbonisi Mgcini Masuku

Tawanda Dandato

Brian Ndlovu

Innocent Dube

Dexter Mushore

Nigel Kamunga

Bilaal Ajabu

Enoch Chiromo

Talent Moyo

Charmaine Mudau

Musawenkosi Sibanda

Patience Maseko

Qeqeshiwe Mntambo

Novuyo Seagirl Dube

Sharon Chikwanha

Kuda Maliga

Chido Chigariro

Audrey Maseko


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