Simba The Lion launches new single in style

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Simba The Lion launches new single in style Simbarashe ‘The Lion’ Nyahunda

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Young musician Simba The Lion staged a good act at Red Café when he launched his single “Ndifambe” on Saturday.

The single, which is about a journey, features Roki who spices it up well with his authoritative voice.

The launch was well-attended, which could be testimony that Simba The Lion’s fan base is slowly growing.

The musician, whose real name is Simbarashe Nyahunda, has performed at Red Café several times and the venue is becoming his homeground. The support he gets from patrons lures him back to his favourite joint.

And on Saturday he was a happy man when his single was well-received. Roki could not attend the launch because he is out of the country.

MC Ndombele set the ball rolling with the launch of the single and some fans could not wait to buy the first copies.

When the song was played, people took to the dance floor and swayed as if they were dancing to an old tune.

After the launch Simba The Lion and his band took people through a memorable performance of their old song. Their traditional fusion songs were popular with most fans.

The musician said he was happy with the response to his single.

“I am happy with the response to this single. I did not expect people to enjoy it on the very first day. I am humbled and I want to thank people for coming and showing their great support. I thank Roki for being part of this single. I wish he was around so we could enjoy this night together,” he said.

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