Silver Screen: Get ready for another NAMA explosion

Silver Screen: Get ready for another  NAMA explosion Makosi Musambasi
Makosi Musambasi

Makosi Musambasi

With Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Happy Tuesday!!! Johnny Carson once said, “Talent alone won’t make you a success. Neither will being in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready.”

With four days left before the National Arts Merit Awards ceremony at 7Arts Theatre, are you ready for the action when the ceremony is beamed live on ZBC TV?

The organisers of the awards have often come under fire for various shortcomings and we hope this year they will improve.

Yes, from the stage set up, nominees seating arrangement to the red carpet live coverage, all these should be dealt with.

For the ZBC TV team who are covering, make sure planning is important and avoid the black outs and blunders that often affect live coverage of events.

Advertisers, this is also your opportunity to showcase products since most people would be glued to the television.

I am not sure if Zambezi Magic guys are covering the event too as they promised before. It would be good to have many stations covering the awards to give viewers choice of best quality.

I won’t tell the organisers who to chose as hosts but avoid those with tired and boring jokes like before.

And to award presenters; we understand your company has sponsored the show, thank you so much, but that doesn’t give you the room to send 10 delegates to represent you handing over the award to the winner.

I won’t dwell much on the NAMA but as a television critic it is also my job to highlight on some of the boring failures that we witnessed over the years and still need to be amended.

I hope this year the invitations will come earlier than previous years where I had to be invited 10 hours before the event.

Congratulations to Zororo Makamba of “Tonight With Zororo” and Edmore Ndlovu of popular soap “Wenera” for their nomination in the Outstanding Television Screen production category.

So, the Makosi Today show hosted by Makosi Musambasi is continuing to make its strides on Zambezi Magic.

I recently enjoyed the Munyaradzi Chidzonga interview on the show although dwelling on issues like his participation in Big Brother show is now outdated.

I am not quite sure if the interview was done this year, but if it is recent then focusing on the Diamond Boy’s latest news is wiser.

Yes you wanted the rest of Africa to know how he is after BBA but, hello, it’s now more than two years and a lot has happened in his life.

One thing I salute about the show is how Makosi presented her questions to Chidzonga and with supporting pictures.

To the Diamond Boy thanks for sharing your film experience and highlighting that M-Net should not only wait for content but search for content too in Africa because some of the producers are not aware of the procedures.

However, as Zimbabwe we still lack in terms of quality production although we have good content.

For Makosi show everything was super, setting, make up and high definition quality but somehow the sound effects were not 100 percent perfect.

Since it was shot in a local hotel, you could hear the rattling of spoons and knives at the back although it was faint.

I don’t know what could be done but I understand Makosi films her show at different posts, trying to show us the other side of lifestyle but for a show like that isn’t it best we have it in a studio or somewhere calm and quiet.

On DSTV South Africa launched it’s “The Voice” edition just like the US and UK shows.

This is a plus for Africa. I was excited when I watched the first episode. It was a good creation but there were some shortcomings that I will discuss after watching other episodes and checking how they move on.

Songstress Lira is trying to be Simon Cowell, toughest judge, but I think it is better to be known as a soft-spoken and kind-hearted woman that she portrays in her musical side. I was surprised by how she was dealing with aspiring singers, forgetting that she once started like that.

Anyway congrats South Africa, can’t wait for the NAMA ceremony.

Let’s prepare for it.

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