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Silver Screen: Documentaries matter after all | The Herald

Silver Screen: Documentaries matter after all

Silver Screen: Documentaries matter after all Pole dancer Zoey at the “Tonight With Zororo” show
Pole dancer Zoey at the “Tonight With Zororo” show

Pole dancer Zoey at the “Tonight With Zororo” show

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
I remain loyal as one of the broadcaster’s viewers. I was happy to learn that Government shares my sentiments after Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Christopher Mushohwe said ZBC should be more efficient.

He said the media should meet listeners’ expectations to remain competitive in the face of challenges brought about by digitalisation.

I love ZBC TV, even when people thought I was too much when it comes to criticizing them.

I remain loyal as one of the broadcaster’s viewers.

They should just up the game.

With many television stations opening up this year, it means ZBC has to work harder to maintain its viewers or rather it will be a case of a mistress and the real wife, with husbands having to go and have fun with the mistress but always come home. (Not that we condone such behaviour, . . . wink!).

ZBC shouldn’t be a station of only for great needs but rather be watched all the time.

The problem also goes to the producers, filmmakers and directors among others.

Let’s unite for the better quality and produce good, after all ZBC broadcasts, it does not act.

Last week, I was a bit astounded after watching two programmes, “Tonight With Zororo” and “Star Brite”.

Well, for how long will we learn or continue being arrogant and resist moving with times?

“Star Brite” talent show, for a start, is underwhelming because it seems it wasn’t budgeted for neither was it planned.

Checking on the setting of the show, one can be left in stitches: I couldn’t help laughing after watching the backdrop, the staging, the lightning and the judges.

Not that I am laughing about judges but, please, the wardrobe and make-up was a disaster.

If we don’t take such issues seriously, then we don’t grow.

I also later blamed myself that we should not laugh at each other but help with ideas. I know the show has a team but alas, if we want to be proud of our identity then let it be so or if we want to have our own “Idols” or something then we should follow the right channel.

You could ask yourself if this thing is planned, choreographed or what?

No wonder why sponsors and corporates shun us because when they say quality they mean business.

I rest my case on that.

“Tonight With Zororo” — a Talk-show which features celebrities, is also doing well on Zambezi Magic.

Well done Zororo.

The recent interview with pole dancer Zoey Sifelani was an interesting coup.

Of concern though was that Zoey was struggling with English, which the interviewer helped with mixing English and Shona and putting subtitles.

Zoey looked surprised during the show and felt like she was on a hot seat.

The show is entertaining as we get to hear and know more about the lifestyle of the celebrities.

Back to business, this week I chose to focus on documentaries.

I have watched a lot both on DSTV and ZBC.

Documentaries illuminate a person, an event or an issue in powerful ways.

They have changed a lot of other people’s lives too, and now more than ever.

As one Steve Ujlaki has pointed out: “In fact, we’re in a Golden Age for docs, with more distribution outlets, more box office success, more public attention and more talented directors making impact and more meaningful, projects than ever before”.

So, documentaries can be social, deepening our understanding of the world around us.

It was with all this in mind that I decided to emphasise documentary making on the programming as it is something I hope to make the signature of the lifestyle.

It has been noted that documentaries are the perfect place for young filmmakers to begin learning their craft.

That’s because fiction film is about re-creating a version of reality, tuned to the story’s dramatic necessities.

One film producer once said, “The best documentaries are made in Africa”.

Try to tell a story if you want to empower the people.

Enjoy your viewing.

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