Sikhala faces more pending cases

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Sikhala faces more pending cases Job Sikhala

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Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
MDC-Alliance national vice chairperson Job Sikhala has two other pending cases under investigation at St Mary’s Police Station, for assault and for contravening the Urban Council’s Act, Harare Magistrates Court heard yesterday during a bail application.

Sikhala is facing charges of inciting public violence on July 31 and is seeking bail. The investigating officer, Detective Assistant Inspector Victor Mukohwa, giving evidence for the State as to why Sikhala was not a proper candidate to be granted bail, brought up the other two complaints.

During cross examination Sikhala’s defence questioned Det Asst Insp Mukohwa on whether the current incitement case before the courts was more serious than a previous charge on which he was acquitted at the Masvingo High Court. The defence submitted that Sikhala was then granted bail by the Masvingo High Court on a charge with a potential sentence of 20-years imprisonment compared to the current charge where the maximum sentence is 10-years.

Det Asst Insp Mukohwa replied that each case must be treated on its own merits. In the present case, the trial would centre on whether or not the words that were uttered by Sikhala constituted an offence.

Harare magistrate Mr Lazini Ncube adjourned the bail hearing to today.

Sikhala’s lawyer, Mr Eric Matinenga challenged his placement on remand arguing that every person had a right to demonstrate and right of freedom of association and expression.

Two video clips were last Friday played in court showing Sikhala boasting that he was aware police were looking for him but would not surrender easily, equating himself to a freedom fighter.







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