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Shot in the arm for Danhiko pupils


Farai Mukuwane Herald Reporter
Danhiko Project, which caters for children with disabilities, has received a major boost after Latter-Day Saints Charities donated $10 000 worth of renovations and fabric making material for the project’s hearing impaired classes.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony at the school, Latter-Day Saints country director Elder Larry McMurdie said his organisation had decided to donate after learning of the children’s plight.

“We were invited to review the school during Danhiko’s paralympic programme and our goal as Latter-Day Saints Charities is to focus on education and health of children,” he said.

“We then saw the need to improve the learning environment of the hearing impaired pupils. The school’s fabric department was lacking a lot of essential materials. We believe that education is power, therefore, the hearing impaired classes need to have resources to access it.”

Danhiko School head Mr Tawanda Musariri expressed gratitude, saying the donation would help enhance the students’ learning experience.

“I stand here to appreciate all the good work done by the Latter-Day Saints community,” he said. “As the Danhiko Project and the secondary school department, we really appreciate the assistance that we have received for the renovations and the facelift done to the hearing impaired classroom.

“You have provided a learning environment that is conducive for our hearing impaired classes. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to this noble cause. We hope to continue working in partnership with you for the betterment of the pupils with disabilities. We pledge to keep the room well and to uphold the standard you have provided.”

The donations comprised of complete renovation of the hearing impaired class, 600 metres of fabric, a projector, 100 markers, two emulsion boxes, screen mash, 20 white-board writing slats and 50 litres of pigment dyes, among other materials.

Latter-Day Saints Charities has been assisting schools and communities around Zimbabwe through its water project which saw the construction of boreholes in schools to alleviate water shortages experienced in some parts of the country.

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