Shop, company lose cash to thieves

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Shop, company lose cash to thieves

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THIEVES raided a company in Bulawayo and stole US$12 000 from an unlocked safe while in Shamva another gang stole US$30 000, R6 500 and $19 000 from a shop after blasting two safes.

Nothing has so far been recovered and investigations are in progress.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the theft in central Bulawayo took place on Thursday last week when the thieves broke into an office. 

On the same day, at around 2am, other thieves broke into the Shamva shop.

Police are appealing for information which might lead to the arrest of the thieves and anyone who can help should contact any nearest police station.

These incidents come after there has been an increase in armed robbery cases in which criminals are also targeting company premises and families keeping large amounts of money.

Police recently launched a manhunt for robbers who are terrorising people countrywide as well as the six-armed robbers who attacked two security guards at a company premise in Newlands and got away with over US$22 700 cash.

The six men who were armed with three unidentified pistols and a pick attacked two security guards who were on duty before breaking into the company’s offices and stole US$22 712 from the safe.

Another five robbers who were armed with two unidentified pistols, a four-pound hammer, an iron bar as well as a bolt cutter pounced on Diamond Cement in Ardbenie in Harare where they attacked a security guard who was on duty at the company premises along with three other employees. The robbers stole US$2 000 cash before they disappeared.

Police in Mutoko also recorded another robbery where four robbers who were armed with two pistols, a machete, and an axe, attacked a local businessman and his family in Mutoko medium density suburb. The robbers stole US$2 150 cash, three cellphones, 45 litres of diesel, groceries, and an Isuzu KB 300 vehicle, all valued at US$10 476.

Police later reacted swiftly and mounted a roadblock along Janhi Road, where they intercepted the stolen vehicle. However, the suspects sped through the barrier resulting in a high speed chase with the police.

On noticing that police were in pursuit, the suspects dumped the car and disappeared into the darkness.

Police recovered property worth US$8 076 and investigations are underway.

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