The Herald November 14, 1980

ZIMBABWE’S 22-year-old Shirley Nyanyiwa has been judged one of the 15 most beautiful women in the world.

Defying odds of 100-1, the tall Miss Nyanyiwa was placed among the top 15 entrants in the Miss World contest here last night.

The competition was won by the tall, blonde Miss Germany, Gabriella Brum. Second was Miss Guam, Kimberley Santos.


 To be the best in beauty pageants, you need to go up against the best. 

 Shirley Nyanyiwa (now Mrs Chingoka), managed to compete with the most beautiful women in the world in British capital, after being voted the first black Miss Zimbabwe and was ranked in the top 15 entrants, a feat that put the nation, which was in its infancy after gaining its independence from Britain, on the internal map.

 Self-belief and courage are very important especially when one is going up against tough competition. Most people fail or are discouraged from pursuing their dreams or goals because they seem insurmountable. Shirley managed to prevail despite the odds stacked against her.

 She was given the odds of 100:1. In terms of betting this meant that her chances of winning were one in a hundred which was an insurmountable task.

 Just as the nation celebrated Shirley’s exploits in 1980, it must do the same with Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 Brooke Bruk-Jackson who is in El Salvador, fighting to be crowned Miss Universe. That she is white is neither here nor there. She is a Zimbabwean representing the nation.

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