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Serial robber nails self in court

Serial robber nails self in court

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
A 25-year-old convict serving 18 years in prison for theft of motor vehicles stunned the court on Tuesday when he voluntarily confessed that he had other similar cases which were yet to be brought before the courts. Blessing Makomborero Chiduke said this when he was brought before regional magistrate Mr Hoseah Mujaya to answer to another charge of theft of a motor vehicle.
He then pleaded guilty to the charge and told the court that he wanted all his cases to be heard at once.

“Mambo wangu ndine mamwe macases two andakaba Spacio neCorolla. Ndakatomboudza prosecutor nezve macases iyaya saka ndoda kuti mapurisa angomaunza nditongwe kamwe chete. (Your worship, I have two other cases in which I robbed two people of their cars, a Spacio and a Corolla. I once confessed to the prosecutor since I want all the cases to be brought to court at once),” he said.

Chiduke said he stole seven cars between June last year and May this year before narrating how he committed the two offences he mentioned.
Mr Mujaya rolled over Chiduke’s matter to today to allow the State to make a follow-up on the two other counts.

Chiduke was convicted and sentenced sometime in May this year.
In the case to which he pleaded guilty yesterday, Chiduke robbed a taxi driver Nathan Shanda of his vehicle.

Prosecutor Ms Valerie Ngoma told the court that the incident took place in June last year, when Shanda was parked at Karigamombe Centre.
Chiduke and his accomplices, who are still at large, approached Shanda during the night on the pretext they wanted to hire his car to Koala Park and he agreed.

When they arrived at Koala Park, Chiduke and his accomplices asked Shanda to turn left into a gravel road and after travelling for a kilometre, the gang asked him to stop.

Chiduke grabbed Shanda by the neck, before tying both his hands and legs using a cloth and his belt.
They searched Shanda and took US$54 and his cellphone, before giving him a US$1 to travel back to the city centre.

Chiduke later employed Vanroy Goremucheche to drive the stolen car as a taxi in Mahusekwa.
Goremucheche was later fired after he failed to meet Chiduke’s US$150 per week target.

The unregistered car was later impounded by police after Chiduke gave it to Chamunorwa Shonhiwa and Chiduke was arrested in Epworth while driving another vehicle stolen in Marondera.

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