Selmor goes solo

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Selmor goes solo

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it big on the mainstream music scene with her upcoming album titled “Expressions”, an afro-jazz package that introduces the all new Selmor to her audiences.

“Nguva Yangu” the first single off that album has literally taken the airwaves by storm. She has definitely shown that going solo was the best move to happen to her music career.

“Expressions” will be dropped on February 27 at the Zimbabwe German Society, but before the launch fans are already warming up to the single “Nguva Yangu” which talks about how lovers waste each other’s time through promises and lies.

“Most times when somebody wants to break up they give silly excuses asking for ‘space’ or things like that so in this song I ask ‘space’ for what?” she said.

She features talented McDonald “Macdee” Chidavenzi of Eternity Production on the remix of the song giving it a dance feel which appeals to the younger generation though surprisingly the mature cannot help but nod their heads to the beat.

MacDee is a well-known producer, who is behind most urban groove artistes like of Stunner, Maskiri, Trevor Dongo, Tererai Mugwadi and Leonard Mapfumo, to mention just a few.

About Selmor, she has a very fine and incomparable voice that has proved to be a well-recognised brand. In addition to her vocal talent, she has mastered the art of playing hosho and mbira which is complemented by her mhande dance moves.

The third daughter in her family, she started singing at the tender age of 10 which saw her appearing in local films and dramas such as, “I Am The Future”.

She has performed with local jazz bands such as Tanga WekwaSando, Kwekwe, Jabavu Drive and Pax Afro and shared the stage with international artistes such as Yvonne Chakachaka and Tsepo Tshola.
Selmor has toured various countries such as the United Kingdom, Finland, Namibia and South Africa.

Her marriage to Tendai, who also comes from a rich musical background as one of the sons of the legendary Zexie Manatsa, sort of sealed her music family.

The couple has three children who are already proving to be musically talented.
Against this background, music is the daily bread of the family which unites them and has been a platform for them to build their music careers.

Selmor had been working closely with her husband until December 2012 when they decided to go solo to explore more musically that is.

The move has started yielding the results as Selmor is no longer riding on anyone’s coat tails, but leading her own.

Her new sound has a solid base with an inclusion of African instruments such as mbira and marimba.
Selmor’s music does not only entertain, but also challenges people to address the day-to- day issues that affect society.

It has been 10 years since she started singing and her latest album is testimony to how she has planted herself on fertile ground for unbridled growth.

Apart from music, Selmor is passionate about uplifting the girl child especially those from broken families who are crying out for assistance, but not being heard.

With a similar background of parents divorcing while she was at a very tender age and going through all the complications that come with divorces, Selmor understands how it feels like when parents divorce.

She has taken a stand to encourage them to become stronger people in society and grab every good opportunity that comes their way.

She also emphasises that nothing comes without hard work and that they can be whatever they want to be in life despite their backgrounds.

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