Selmor celebrates women’s month SELMOR MTUKUDZI
Selmor Mtukudzi

Selmor Mtukudzi

Vongai Mbara Arts Reporter
Afro-jazz songbird Selmor Mtukudzi will next week unveil a video for her album’s title track “I am Woman” in celebration of women’s month.

“I am Woman” is a song on her current album that celebrates women and is dedicated to all strong women around the world.

In an interview, Selmor said she was already done with the shooting and ready to release it.

“I just finished shooting the video for my album’s title track called ‘I Am Woman’. It is a dedication to all hardworking women and I will be releasing it this women’s month,” she said

Selmor also encouraged women to work extra hard especially those in the music industry that is male-dominated for them to be recognised in the society.

“Women should work extra hard. As female musicians we have our work cut out for us and unfortunately we have to put in double the work to get half the reward our male musicians get,” said Selmor.

She, however, commended the developing change in the society where women are starting to be recognised.

“Personally I have seen some change for the better and I am hopeful that the mindset will change completely soon,” she said.

Selmor promised more videos from the album “I am Woman” to come in the course of this year.

“As the year progresses, you will be seeing more videos from me,” she said.

The songstress has also been invited to Canada for International Women’s day.

“I have been invited to Canada for International Women’s Day and I will be keeping you posted on all my social media platforms.”

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