Seed Co opens community clinic at Stapleford

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A clinic has been opened at Stapleford in north-west Harare by Seed Co to serve the growing industrial centre and part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programme for the community surrounding Mandevhu Village.

Stapleford Clinic is classified as an industrial clinic, but the state-of-the-art facility is also at the service of the community, which has welcomed the initiative as it has brought healthcare nearer to them.

Dr Tapiwanashe Kusotera said:  “This clinic represents a significant advance for the well-being of employees and the wider community in and around Stapleford. It will not just cater for injuries, but  also deal with chronic illnesses, maternity cases among others, which is in tandem with Government’s agenda of leaving no one and no place behind.”

Dr Danmore Chinsala, the resident doctor at the clinic, said their services are open to everyone, including community members.

“We are supporting the national agenda in terms of bringing accessible and affordable healthcare around us. For us, it is not just about our members, but the community around us.”

The medical centre will help in ensuring quality health care for Zimbabweans.

“This medical centre is one of the 14 healthcare facilities that we have now opened across the country since we started in 2022. This is a realisation of our vision that we are able to give more access to a greater number of people within Zimbabwe to quality healthcare services,” said Dr Chinsala.

Mandevhu Ward 24 village head Mr Paul Jonasi, applauded Seed Co for being a beacon of hope to the community.

“We are not just opening a clinic, we are inaugurating a beacon of hope, a testament to a vision of a comprehensive approach to health care,” he said.

“It is a milestone in Seed Co’s expansion strategy and a dedication to complementing the Government efforts towards achieving Vision 2030, aiming for an empowered and prosperous upper middle-income society with access to comprehensive health care for all.”

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