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Secure your home with trendy fencing

12 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views
Secure your home with trendy fencing

The Herald

Talent Gore Lifestyle Writer

Installing fences has long been a traditional method to secure outside privacy and it doesn’t have to be boring or bland.

Trends and styles in terms of home design are constantly changing and the same can be said of the residential fencing space as there has been a lot of advancements made over the years.

Having an awareness of the latest trends in the residential fencing industry can help put into perspective all of the different options that you have as a homeowner.

Having options is a great thing as it opens up the door to new possibilities in terms of what you can do with the design of your new fence, the shape, the material, and more.

Great weather inspires time outdoors, and time outdoors inspires projects.

Residential fencing definitely comes to mind as we look to improve our outdoor spaces both aesthetically, and as a way to secure the perimeters of our home for privacy as well as for the safety of our children and pets. It has so many benefits!

There are residential fences which have been trending since, and they seem to have dominated the fencing industry. Shorter fences continue to be popular.

In the past, more homeowners preferred taller fences, but now people tend to go with shorter four-foot picket fences.

These are becoming more common due to the influence of social media, and people willing to be less closed off from others.

Fences come in more variety than ever before. The options are changing and developing. You can obtain the perfect fence for your yard and bask in the privacy and style of your fencing project

One of the styles which is still trending in 2019 is the wood fencing.

Wood fencing is as traditional as it gets, it is a wonderful choice because it is an organic product, so it blends nicely into most surroundings and gives a warm and welcoming feeling to your home.

It has been the go-to fencing option for years and that hasn’t changed, although the most widely used material for fencing, wooden fences require proper care when it comes to keeping them trendy and updated.

The highest quality fences are made from wood of redwood or cedar. A low end and cheaper fence option to consider is pine.

While wood fencing will likely continue to trend, wood fencing products are certainly evolving way past traditional options.

One of the latest and more creative trending fence options is incorporating plants and flowers alongside the fence or growing greenery along the panels of the fence.

This can include growing vines on the fence for a rustic and garden-like look. Planting shrubbery and greenery along the edges of the fence adds to the feeling of privacy.

Another style which is trending is the integration of lighting with fences and fence posts, the addition of lights along the top or bottom edge of your fence shows off the beauty of your backyard and gives you the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors in the evening.

It also adds an element of security during night hours. There are also options to use fence posts that contain lights at the top mimicking a lantern-look.

Another trending fence option for 2019 is mixing and matching by using colour blocking and horizontal lines to achieve a contemporary effect.

Instead of building the fence with the panels being placed vertically, horizontal panelling makes your fence seem more updated and gives it style.

Wrought iron fencing has been popular for centuries, and it is still trending and it will continue to be, thanks to the flexibility in design it affords.

You can completely customise your fence to suit your home and make it as open or private as you like.

A trendy fence will transform your home’s yard and be a welcoming boundary for privacy, enjoyment and appeal.

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