Secret behind staying power of celebrity couples

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BEING at the eye of public attention can be a nightmare for most global power couples. 

In this realm, life can be fascinating in as much as it can be frustrating, for, wherever you go and whatever you do, the public eye is cast on you. 

Again in this realm, things that do not ordinarily matter, really matter, much to you chagrin. 

It’s quite a big challenge for celebrity couples’ as their movements are always under scrutiny. 

It’s even worse when they are working together as husband and wife in the same trade. 

Most of these couples have left an indelible mark in the creative sector, but they still get the stick once they are caught offside. 

Separating work from family should always be maintained to avoid these clashes and drama. 

Some of these power couples end up succumbing to the pressure that comes with celebrity status. 

Others have suffered mental health challenges, especially those keeping fake appearances. 

Those who are firm and resolute have managed to handle this pressure as people will always pass nasty comments. 

The world’s iconic married celebrities — Beyoncé and Jay-Z — are not spared from this web. 


With all the riches they have amassed, the power couple has also been tested. 

The script reads the same on home turf where several married celebrities are always trolled on social media. 

However, our Zimbabwean situation is a bit different as several celebrity couples have mastered the art of handling such pressure. 

Focus, determination and proper communication between married couples have made them ride such violent storms. Selmor Mtukudzi and Tendai Manatsa, whose public display of affection and sense of humour have endeared them to fans, top the list of married celebrities working together. 

The Manatsas have been together for close to 20 years. 

Their romantic videos and photographs are always splashed on their social media handles. 

During public events, the celebrity couple will be walking arm in arm, which is difficult for others. 

Tendai said they separate work and family, which has made them successful. 

“We try to concentrate when we are at work and focus on family issues when we are at home. Bringing work home is what causes issues,” said Tendai. 

The lanky guitarist, who started dating Selmor Mtukudzi when they were mere Tanga wekwaSando’s band members, urged celebrity couples to remain focused. 

“Never give up on your dreams, find a person who believes in you and who is willing to go all the way with you and put in the work.”

“In our case, we have roles and boundaries and we make sure to respect each other as we work together.” 

Pastor Charles Charamba and wife Olivia, who have been married for over 25 years, told The Saturday on The Herald Lifestyle that God’s grace and simplicity have taken them this far.

“We believe in taking things simple and maintaining a modest lifestyle. We don’t allow the marketing forces of the industry to control us, though we give in to some extent. 

“Any practice of the industry which persuades us to be untruthful, fake, exaggeratory and unethical, we turn down. Above all, we are sustained by God’s grace,” said Pastor Charamba. 

He, however, conceded that it was not easy to handle the pressure that comes with being a power couple. 

“Pressure seems inevitable to us all. We have noticed that it can only be calmed by an attitude of orderliness. One has to be organised in the mind, know how to prioritise things and that is what we do. In all practical things, our family comes first.

 “We handle assignments one at a time to avoid clumsily cluttering them. We also don’t try to force the impossible. Above all, we always pray for better emotional intelligence and wisdom to handle things.”

 Comedienne Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho is another married celebrity working together with her husband, Ngoni “Mhofela” Munetsiwa. 

Her business affairs are handled by Mhofela who started as a manager before he joined his wife as a co-actor,  and isnow director. 

Although Madam Boss is the face of the brand, Mhofela claimed he is calling the shots behind the scenes. 

“I think proper communication is needed in any relationship when you are working as husband and wife. In our case, we plan things together and we have always learnt to separate work from family. 

“When we are acting, it will be serious business because that is where we get our money from to fend for our families.” 

Mhofela, who started doing skits with his wife in 2016, believes women have a special gift that needs to be complemented by their spouses. 

“I have noted that most women are behind most successful businesses, yet men are the ones occupying top positions. 

“As men, we should not feel threatened or inferior if our spouses are talented as is the case with Madam Boss. I’m the one who approves everything that she does including international business trips. 

“I don’t attend some of the business meetings because I know I have blessed her to do so.” 

Mhofela, who has been trolled on social media on several occasions for supporting his wife, added: “I don’t mind what people are saying as long as my wife and I are making progress. 

“We are taking acting seriously and that’s why I always try my best to keep the Madam Boss brand on top. 

“In a marriage, it’s either the man or wife who brings those blessings, and it takes responsible people to maintain it. 

“In our cases, it’s only God who is blessing us and I am not bothered when people say I am riding on Madam Boss’ fame.” 

Several other husband and wife teams are also doing well in Zimbabwe such as Ellard Cherayi and his wife Sharon Manyonganise (Cherayis) are steadily building their musical profile. 

Janet Manyowa and husband-cum-manager Munyaradzi have been doing wonders over the years. 

The gospel diva’s success story would be incomplete without mentioning Munyaradzi for his sterling job. 

The couple need no introduction in gospel music circles as they have mastered the art of working together as husband and wife. 

The same goes for Mambo Dhuterere who works closely with his wife Dorcas Sibanda. 

“I don’t know what I could been right now had it not for my wife’s love and prayers,” said Dhuterere.

“My wife has always been my pillar as we plan everything together as well as doing music and business together. 

“I don’t hide anything from her because she is my soulmate who has been there for me when we had nothing.”

The gospel star stressed most successful men in life have the backing of their spouses. 

“It’s not a lie that our spouses shape us and I am a living testimony to that. 

“We plan everything together and we hardly clash in line with our duty.” 

The list of Zimbabwe’s most successful married celebrities would mean nothing without mentioning the Vharazipi acting duo — Mbuya Mai John (Kumbirai Chikonye) and Chairman (Wellington Chindara) — who are husband and wife in real life. 

The married cast members have been together for over two decades, pursuing the careers of their choice. 

However, some celebrity couples have failed to work together despite huge expectations from their fans. 

The late Soul Jah Love was married to Bounty Lisa, but their marriage collapsed due to allegations of physical abuse. 

The same applies to Roki and Pauline’s union, which failed to work although the couple complemented each other in the craft. 

Globally, married celebrity couples will be always under scrutiny, especially married ones.

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