Second body recovered in lake

27 Jul, 2021 - 00:07 0 Views
Second body recovered in lake Search teams recover a body after a boat capsized in Lake Kariba

The Herald

Kariba Bureau 

A second body from the five passengers who drowned on Friday when a boat capsized in Lake Kariba, was recovered yesterday and the search for the remaining three bodies continues today. 

Search efforts have been hampered by the sheer depth and vastness of the lake making it difficult to pinpoint the exact location to search.

“The area where the accident occurred has no other prominent features except a vast expanse of water,” said a source taking part in the search. 

“Even the people who helped rescue those survived can no longer tell where exactly the accident occurred. The search had to be called off again today and hopefully the bodies will rise to the surface tomorrow.” 

Bodies can take anything between a day and six days to float to the surface depending on conditions. 

Hope was raised yesterday when the body of four-year-old Obey Mwinde was found at around 9.30am.

The toddler drowned together with his father. 

Ziya Kusena’s body was the first to be found on the day of the tragedy while floating on the surface.

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