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Sebede speaks on career ups, downs

08 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views
Sebede speaks on career  ups, downs Sebede

The Herald

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
Talented percussionist and poet Sebede (real name James Njikizana) has blamed his failed music career on the rise and dominance of Zimdancehall.

The artiste, who closely identifies with the urban grooves movement of the early 2000s, said the dominance of Zimdancehall had left urban gooves musicians without a source of income.

“Urban grooves was driven to extinction by the rise of Zimdancehall,” he said.

“This genre had artistes who were hungrier for success that they would render their services for next to nothing that we could not compete with them as we valued our art.

“Promoters ended up opting for these cheaper musicians who they could populate on a gig for much less money.”

Sebede is no stranger to destitution having allegedly lived on the streets and in Harare Gardens after his career eclipsed.

According to sources close to the musician, he recently ventured into a makeshift restaurant business, but that failed as well.

The artiste toured different countries on the continent and was at some point based in neighbouring South Africa.

This was at a time he played with some of local music greats such as Roki and Afro-fusion outfit Mafriq, who have also slowly faded into oblivion.

In fashion, his Islam-inspired hat trended in street wear, with many naming the hats after him.

His Afrocentric outfits subsequently became fashionable among both old and young people.

Sebede is currently staying with his mother in Murehwa, but still hopes to make another breakthrough with his art.


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