Schoolgirl gang-raped

Schoolgirl gang-raped

court_roomeCourt Reporter
A Form Four pupil reportedly laced a 13-year-old girl’s Amarula drink with a sexually enhancing silver bullet tablet before raping her with the help of his Lower Sixth friend. Tariro Chirova (18) of  Westlea Harare has appeared in court jointly charged with his friend. The teenagers appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Donald Ndirowei facing rape charges.

They were remanded out of custody on their own recognisances in the custody of their guardians to November 18.
Chirova is facing two counts of rape, while his friend is facing one count.

Appearing for the State, Ms Sharon Mashavira alleged that on September 21 at around 1pm, Chirova dragged the 13-year-old girl into his brother’s bedroom where he raped her.

On the second count Chirova allegedly laced the girl’s Amarula drink with a silver bullet tablet.
Chirova dragged the drunk girl into his room with the help of his friend and then he allegedly raped the dazed and staggering girl.
The friend is charged with rape on allegations that he actively assisted the assault.

The pair were arrested on November 2.

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